Amir-ul-Mu’mineen(a.s) said:
“Blessed is the person who kept in mind the next life, acted so as to be able to render account, remained content with what sufficed him and remained pleased with Allah (S.W.T)”.

The Imam Hassan Mujtaba Foundation was established in 2010 following the effort of a group of mu’mineen from the Afghan community settled in the United Kingdom, to provide religious, educational and cultural services to those living in the UK as well as providing aid to Afghans suffering from poverty in Afghanistan. IHMF was also registered in the same year with charity commission in UK with the charity number 1149101. 

To facilitate the religious and juridical requirements of the community and organising religious programs is one of our main services. The cultural committee of the foundation organises programs to celebrate Islamic Eid’s and birth anniversary of the Prophet and his family (PbuH).

From the beginning, the foundation together with the community involvement have organised commemoration programs, in particular Muharram majlise and tries to continually improve the standard of the service. 

To commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s) we organise majalis for ten nights with direct involvements of the community and their generosity.

All programs are funded by donations from the community and trustees.


Educational and sports  activity takes place on weekly bases in London, cultural committee organises these programmes.

Hajj is one of the main ritual pilgrimage and fundamental part of Islamic belief. IHMF have taken an active role by organising and registering to facilitated UK residence to help them perform and take part in this holy pilgrimage.

Prophet (pbuH) has left two precious and exquisite integrity amongst His nation, the holy Quran and His progeny the Ahlulbayt (pbuT). By practicing the teachings of Quran and following the maktab of Ahlulbayt (a.s) we fulfil our obligations and by making pilgrimage to their holy shrines. We revive Islam and renew our allegiance to the Ultimate Creator and the best of his servants.

Visiting the holy shrines of the Ai’mmah (a.s) in Iraq and Iran is one of our trips. The cultural and pilgrimage committee carries out registration and facilitates all requirements and travels together to the holy cities with pilgrims.

IHMF does not make any financial gain from these trips and provides these services as part of foundation`s community spiritual health programme.

IHMF receives your religious and general donations with the permission from the respected Mar’aja`s and their supervision we use these funds for the foundation’s projects.

Imam Hassan Mujtaba foundation is a non-profit charity organisation that relies completely on your generous donations. We are working hard by organising various religious and cultural programmes to provide a platform for you.


IHMF is a bridge between you and the wider society to help you integrate without losing your religious integrity.

To achieve our goals, we need your financial support. We ask brothers and sisters for your generous and kind donations so we can continue to provide this important religious service and humanitarian project.

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