‘Hussain is the light of guidance and the ark of salvation’ said the Prophet (PbuH)

Muharram is the month to commemorate the sacrifice made by Imam Hussain (a.s). To answer the call of Imam Hussain (a.s) and to deliver his message the foundation organises majlises. We hold majlise for 10 nights in Muharram and you can find more information in the program calendar. The foundations programmes are funded by the generous donation of the mu’mineen, you can sponsor the food cost for a particular night by donating on our website or by contacting us directly.

Visiting the holy shrines of the aim’mah is an annual program which is organised by the IHMF. For more information please contact us.

IHMF charity are an organisation working hard to serve the community. We are a non-profit organisation and our programs are funded by donations. To support the continuation of these program please DONATE generously by clicking on the donation button.

Imam Hassan Mujtaba Foundation with the permission from the respected Mar’aja’s and under their supervision are allowed to receive your shar’ia funds and spend it for its religious projects and poverty relief campaign.

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